Motorhome & Campervan Hire in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand comprises of some remarkably beautiful landscapes such as the Bay of Islands coastline and the volcano of Mount Tongariro. However, not all of them are accessible from one point, and thus if one wants to see them all, you will need to travel quite a lot.

Most of the time, multiple stops mean multiple problems. You need to make living arrangements at a hotel for each location, check its proximity to the place you want to visit and search for nearby dining options. Moreover, you would be making trips, sometimes long ones, back and forth from the hotel.

You can say goodbye to all this by an Auckland campervan hire with us! Kiwi Motorhomes provides comfortable and well-maintained campervans for motorhome rental in New Zealand that serve as the perfect travel companion!

Why hire a campervan in New Zealand?

Feel unprecedented freedom that a hotel room just won’t provide you. Since we are travellers ourselves, we know the unparalleled perks of motorhome hire in New Zealand.

Hiring a campervan in New Zealand will be one of the best decisions you can make. Motorhome hire in NZ is one of the best ways to discover what this beautiful country has to offer you.

New Zealand offers many holiday parks, campgrounds and places to freedom camp. The landscapes are breathtaking, so it will never be a boring drive.

Motorhome Hire Auckland Airport

Have you already booked your tickets to New Zealand and are looking forward to seeing its majestic views, but you are not sure how to plan out your trip once reach here? There is a lot to do and see but your means of transportation seems to be unclear.

We have a way that will make things easy for you, get a motorhome rental in NZ!

It will be a decision that you won’t regret. Being fellow travellers ourselves, we can say this with confidence. A campervan hire in NZ Auckland has some perks like no other kind.

Here is how a campervan will make your travel better:

  • A scope of spontaneity remains as you can adjust the plans according to your wishes and are not bound by any schedules.
  • The convenience of not having to arrange different rooms for each destination you visit offers you more time to soak in the nature around you
  • No need to make trips to and from hotel rooms and worry about the safety of your belongings. They go where you go.
  • Since you are not bound to any one particular area you have the ability to experience not only the tourist destinations but also local life.

So don’t wait, contact us for a campervan hire at Auckland airport, book us beforehand and we will pick you up!