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10 reasons to choose a motorhome adventure over a hotel room and car

If you are looking for reasons to choose a motorhome adventure in New Zealand over a rental car/hotel trip, look no further. Here are 10 reasons why you will be so glad you chose a Kiwi Motorhome over a hotel room.

  1. Flexibility & total freedom of choice– free yourself of the 9-5 schedule, you choose where you stay and for how long, and enjoy the freedom of choice. Whether its North Island or South Island, If you’re not enjoying it somewhere, simply jump in your campervan and move to a new location, anywhere in NZ.
  2. Only unpack once but park beachside or lakeside at million-dollar spots throughout NZ– NZ is one of the very few countries in the world where you can still freedom camp in some of the most spectacular beachside, lakeside, or conservation forest reserves, for free.
  3. Make new friends, over a coffee or glass of your favourite tipple, with fellow campers– The camper/motorhome community are some of the most genuine, salt-of-the-earth people you will ever meet and as you have a shared interest, you can sometimes meet total strangers and end up as lifelong traveling buddies.
  4. Make lifelong memories, experiences & stories that a mobile tiny living environment creates- Our campers are much more than just a vehicle, they are your home on wheels. When you are traveling and living in a tiny environment you naturally talk more and laugh more, and as you won’t have any technology distractions, you will develop deeper, richer relationships with your family.
  5. Enjoy a peaceful cuppa and snack at any time or place, no need to go searching cafes or restaurants – Feel like a cup of tea or bite to eat, then no need to hunt the nearest overpriced busy café or restaurant, simply pull over for a million-dollar view and start brewing. Breakfast with mountain views in Queenstown? Or coffee at the waterfront in Auckland? You have endless opportunities.
  6. Enjoy Alfresco dining anywhere your heart desires, breakfast on the beach or BBQ dinner at the lakeside- waking up to a seaside sunrise with a cup of your favourite coffee and bacon & eggs is a memory you will never forget, or how about a lakeside BBQ with your favourite bottle of wine (to share of course). Free Camping chairs and tables are provided with every rental, perfect for a spontaneous picnic.
  7. Take your toys with you, E-bikes, fishing rods, or Boogie boards for the beach– Within minutes of parking you can be donning the Lycra and cycling on a forest trail, fishing on the side of the lake or boogie boarding in the waves.
  8. Share your adventure with your 4 legged family member, take your precious pet with you on your journey creating priceless memories– Our pets are important family members and as such should have the ability to share in all of the fun, your baby will have never wagged his/her tail so hard as when they know they are coming with you in the biggest kennel on wheels they have ever seen.  SO EXCITING 🐶
  9. Feeling tired? Then pull over and have a mid-day nana nap– With all the sea air and sunshine, a nana nap is always on the cards mid-afternoon. Many countries call it a siesta, so take full advantage of having your queen-sized bed with you in your RV.
  10. Go to sleep with the soothing sound of waves crashing on the nearby beach– Gently nod off to sleep at night with the smell of the salt air and the sound of waves lapping up on the beach, it will truly be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. After your rest wake up with million-dollar views ready to take on another days adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Call Kiwi Motorhomes today to check availability and get a quote today for your unique New Zealand adventure. Trust us, you won’t want to give us back the keys.